• Plug-in Ionizer Car Air Purifier

    Plug-in Ionizer Car Air PurifierThe Plug-in Ionizer Car Air Purifier uses both ozone and negative ion technologies. It can remove odors & smoke inside a car, and make it fresh to breathe, that helps to create a healthy environment for you. Moreover, it is easy to use. Just plug into car...

  • Portable Negative Ion Car Air Purifier

    Portable Negative Ion Car Air PurifierThis Portable Negative Ion Car Air Purifier adopts UV + photocatalyst, negative ion and active oxygen technology, to help remove odors and smoke inside a car. It can be used at home, too.

  • Wearable Necklace Ionizer Air Purifier

    Wearable Necklace Ionizer Air PurifierOur Wearable Necklace Ionizer Air Purifier is a pure ionizer air purifier, which is specialized for personal use. It uses ionic breeze technology to deliver ion rich air to your mouth and nose. Provides you with clean and healthy air wherever and whenever...

  • Compact Refrigerator Ionizer Air Purifier

    Compact Refrigerator Ionizer Air PurifierThe compact refrigerator ionizer air purifier is an innovative device which utilizes ionic technology with Neutralize stale and foul odors with fresh air inside refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and cars.

  • Adjustable Ozone Generator Anion Air Sterilizer

    Adjustable Ozone Generator Anion Air SterilizerProduct Description : Our adjustable ozone air sterilizer has the latest technologies and design to provide a clean, fresh environment in a small, compact area. Using natural processes, literally focus on what keeps air fresh and bring it indoors. Simply...

  • Portable Smart Ozone Air Purifier

    Portable Smart Ozone Air PurifierThe portable smart ozone air purifier is a small and powerful unit that kill viruses, bacteria and rip off unpleasant odor by producing & distributing Ozone.

  • Indoor Desktop Air Purifier

    Indoor Desktop Air PurifierThe indoor desktop air purifier is suitable for sterilization, which can purify air automatically through the air quality sensor inside the units. And it is very simple to operate, just rotate the knob to choose your favorite mode.The air particles that...

  • Indoor Multifunctional UV Air Purifier

    Indoor Multifunctional UV Air PurifierThe indoor multifunctional UV air purifier combines ionizer, plasma, activated carbon filter and UV+photocatalyst technology. It is efficient to eliminate odors, smoke, allergy, airborne microbes, mould and fungus spores, etc.

  • Indoor Negative Air Purifier for Home

    Indoor Negative Air Purifier for HomeThe indoor negative air purifier for home is an ion generator removing airborne contaminants and allergens literally focus what keeps fresh air fresh, and bring it indoors.

  • Portable Ozone Kitchen Water Sterilizer Fruit Washing Machine

    Portable Ozone Kitchen Water Sterilizer Fruit Washing MachineThe portable ozone kitchen water sterilizer fruit washing machine is specially designed for vegetable and fruits sterilizing. With 400mg/h ozone output, it can eliminate microorganisms on fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. At the same time it is...

  • Smart Home Air Purifier

    Smart Home Air PurifierApplication: Fresh air is the ideal purification system for small confined spaces. Compact and portable, it is the perfect solution for reducing odors and freshening air in and around: 1.Lockers, closets, cabinets, under sinks 2.Pet areas, laundry and...

  • Wall-mounted Ion Air Purifier

    Wall-mounted Ion Air PurifierOperation: Connect the device to the mains (220V) turn the controller right (clockwise) and you will then hear a “click” a blue light for operational control and the production of ozone will begin. As you turn the regulator wheel further to the right,...

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