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Negative Ion Air Purifier
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Anion air purifier: It is an environment-optimized electrical appliance that purifies, dusts, deodorizes, and sterilizes air by using its own negative ions. Its difference from traditional air purifiers is that it takes negative ions as the active factor to take the initiative to attack. Capture harmful substances in the air.

The traditional air purifier is a fan to extract the air. The use of a filter to filter dust to purify the air is called the passive adsorption filter type purification principle. The filter needs to be replaced regularly, while the negative ion air purifier does not need consumables.

On the other hand, small-size negative ions have good biological activity and easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the human body and enter the human body to exert their biological effects.

The danger of negative ion air purifiers is that they produce ozone when they produce negative ions. When the ozone concentration exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to the human body.